Company History

Capes was founded in 1958 by Captain Rolando Perasso, a native of Chiavari, Italy, as a full-service ship agency and bulk forwarder based in Norfolk, Virginia. The venture, known among industry circles as “The Ship’s Company”, quickly became a fixture in the Italian coal trade. Since that time, we have diversified our portfolio of business and now serve a wide range of cargoes, vessel interests, and trades.   

In January 2004, Capes was acquired by CV International, Inc., a family-owned and operated global logistics company headquartered in Norfolk. As a provider of U.S. export and import services, CV International offers an extensive array of resources to Capes’ principals, including cargo and parts clearance, ocean freight services and global logistics capabilities for the international movement of cargoes of all sizes and types.

The Capes tradition of quality service, professionalism and integrity started with our founding in 1958. These deep-rooted values remain at our core as we continually evolve to serve our clients' needs, combining the latest technologies with access to growing markets. Today, with our parent company CV International, Capes employs over seventy experienced maritime professionals dedicated to serving our clients and carrying forward our long-standing tradition. Put us to work for you and experience the difference that sets Capes apart.